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PDF Technical Manuals
Technical manuals for Air Conditioning Engineers. The downloads feature error codes for most common makes of air conditioner & heat pump systems together with some links to useful manufacturer's document libraries.

Hitachi utopia error codes
Hitachi Air Conditioning
Hitachi Utopia Error Codes
Hitachi Utopia error codes for systems using the PC-2H and PC2H2 remote controllers. The codes are predominantly for heat pump & cool only single and twin systems but also overlap the set free VRF systems.

Free air conditoner error codes and technical information

Toshiba RAV air conditioner error codes | free air conditioner technical info
Toshiba Air Conditioning
Toshiba RAV error codes
Error codes for Toshiba RAV series 1, 2, and 3 systems using the membrane keypad remote controllers with the orange on/off button. Error codes for Toshiba AI remotes can be found HERE

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Mitsubishi Mr Slim air conditioner error codes
Mitsubishi Electric Air Conditioning
Mitsubishi Mr Slim error codes
Error codes for Mr Slim heat pumps and air conditioners using the membrane remote controller. Watch for sticking compressor contactor on single phase outdoor units.

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Daikin f series air conditioner and heat pump error codes
Daikin Air Conditioning
Daikin "F" series error codes
Daikin "F" series air conditioner and heatpump codes. ou can add a description in this area about your PDF file including some details or options. You will then change the links on this page to link to your PDF files.

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Fujitsu air conditioning error codes for auy-24 type systems
Fujitsu Air Conditioning
Fujitsu air conditioning error codes
Fujitsu error codes for the hardwired remote controllers. Codes cover heat pump and cool only models and also give details of the checking routine.

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Denco Close Control Computer Room System Access Codes
Denco Air Conditioning
Denco Access Codes for Close Control Units
This sheet gives the access codes for Denco Close Control Computer Room units. They allow changes to be made to the controller settings i.e. Temp and RH setpoints etc.

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