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Welcome to your "One Stop" Heat Pump & Air Conditioning resource. Our company is operated by Expert Heat Pump & Air Conditioning Engineers and offers HVAC products from world beating manufacturers. Please remember that when you deal with us, expert help & advice is only a phone call away - email us on if you need any help with using the site.

Air Source Heat Pump Boilers & Water Heaters

Online Catalogue |  Air Source Heat Pump Boilers & Water Heaters

Self-Contained Heat Pump Hot Water Cylinders

A brand new range of self-contained hot water storage cylinders from Ariston featuring built-in heat pumps.....

These uniots can extract stale, warm air from buildings & remove the heat energy from it before exhausting to outside...

Carrier Heat Pump Chillers

Air Source Heat Pump Chillers from industry giants, Carrier Corporation.

Mitsubishi Ecodan Air Source Heat Pumps

The Ecodan system from Mitsubishi Electric is perceived as the benchmark by which all other HFC heatpumps are judged. With three duty sizes from 5 to 14kW, the Ecodan systems have solid performance combined with class leading technical specifications. The Mitsubishi Ecodan system is probably the best of the HFC air source heat pumps.

NB - For safety & warranty reasons, the Mitsubishi Ecodan System should only be installed by Mitsubishi Trained Installers. AirconWarehouse have in-house Mitsubishi Trained Engineers & can arrange installation for you Nationwide in the UK.

Panasonic Aquarea Air Source Heat Pumps

A Brand new air source heat pump system from global air conditioning & heat pump manufacturers Panasonic.
The range is in two parts - split air to water heat pumps, either heating only or heating & cooling and Monobloc air to water heat pumps. Again , the monobloc units are available in heating only or heating & cooling versions.

Sanyo CO2 ECO Air Source CO2 Heat Pump

The VERY LATEST Air Source Heat Pump heating systems from Sanyo are the ones which contain the refrigeration cycle technology everybody wants to copy.

Sanyo's new CO2 ECO Heat Pumps use Carbon Dioxide as the refrigerant gas. This provides a significant increase in the water delivery temperature (Allowing water storage at 65 Deg. C) , even when it is minus 25 C outside. This is done without the need for boost heaters - although fully programmable computer-controlled back-up heaters are fitted though and available if required to boost recovery times and/or increase the overall available duty - upto a massive 24kW total. This means the Sanyo system can fully replace conventional combi boiler heating systems in many residential & small commercial installations.

A unique & innovative feature of the Sanyo CO2 Eco systems is that the heat pump continues to provide heat even whilst it is in defrost mode - a gas bleed systems replaces the conventional reversing valve and thus eliminates the only advantage traditionally held by ground source systems!

TEV Bwarm Air Source Heat Pumps

TEV (Formerly IMI Marstair) in Brighouse, Yorkshire have been making heat pumps right here in the UK for over thirty years.
They have previously used the more familiar Marstair & Calder trade names on their heat pump air conditoning units and the AirconWarehouse Directors recall fondly that Marstair first offered water cooled heat exchangers (thereby allowing heating for DHW) on their condensing units as far back as the early eighties........
Things have moved on now and TEV have a superb Bwarm range of British Made (Hooray!) Air Source Heat Pumps (ASHP) on sale at Great Prices. Bcool2 High end models can also provide cooling for summer use too.

Airconwarehouse Budget Non-Inverter Air Source Heat Pumps

Budget Air Source Heat Pumps from Chinese manufacturer - Gosay.

These are low output budget contruction items with a 12 month warranty.

Trianco Activair Air Source Heat Pumps

At the time of writing (6/9/2010) Trianco Heating Products Limited is in Admisitrative Receivership.
We will try to obtain a supply of spare parts (if they are available) via the Receivers.

These superb fixed-speed Air Source Heat Pumps from Trianco offer cost conscious buyers an realistic option to the high-end inverter drive heat pump systems.

LG Therma V Air Source Heat Pump

A Pro-fit Air Source Heat Pump solution from household brand name LG.
These systems can be integrated with standard boilers and/or solar panels to create fully flexible heat pump hot water & heating/cooling systems.

Fujitsu Waterstage Air Source Heat Pump

The new Waterstage(tm) Air Source Heat Pump from Fujitsu adds a new dynamic to the Air Source Heat Pump arena.

Utilising the split-hydrobox format, the Fujitsu Waterstage (tm) system allows full flexibility on water-side design.

The range features a line up of no less than six hydroboxes and five inverter controlled heat pump outdoor units which gives six duty combinations of:- 5kW, 6kW, 8kw, 10kW, 13kW & 16kW heating capacity.

The systems should be available to buy from early 2010 - Watch this space!

Hitachi AquaFree

The new AquaFree system from Hitachi is the very latest in residential heating technology. With gas & oil systems viewed as technologically monolithic & quite frankly environmentally disastrous, this new INVERTER heat pump technology can offer astounding savings in energy consumption AND substantial reductions in CO2 emmissions.

The new AquaFree heat pump boilers can even be incorporated with solar energy schemes to create the ultimate in green heating.

Hitachi EcoCute

Inverter Driven Instantaneous DHWS Heat Pump Water Heater.

The ecocute system is one of the world's most advanced heat pumps systems and operates on CO2 refrigerant.

Hitachi Yutaki

The Yutaki Air Source Heat Pump from Hitachi is the very latest Hitachi offering in the air source heat pump market. The Yutaki brings you R410a Inverter operation in a monobloc pakage. This means super easy installation with no refrigerant pipework to install !
The variable compressor speed is acheived via Hitachi's benchmark inverter electronics and gives the ultra low start current, noise levels & running costs needed for satisfactory residential operation.

The four available Yutaki models have heating capacities ranging from 7.1kW to 11.5kW With an optional 6kW of electric heat available if required

Toshiba Estia Air Source Heat Pump

We have been instructed by David Dunn of Toshiba to remove all of their intellectual property (basically, pictures) from the site. It is clear from this move that they no longer wish us to sell their products to you. This could be because other sellers & distributors have complained that they cannot compete with our prices or it could be that Toshiba Air Conditioning UK are keen to maintain a specific brand image by limiting procurement channels - You decide which secenario is more likely.....

Fortunately, for consumers, we have other leading brands available at sensible prices!!!!

If you really must have a Toshiba badge on your heat pump equipment, Under EU trading regulations, we can, of course, get all of the Toshiba range (subject to manufacturing availability) via the UK or European distributor of our choice.

NB. When we checked on 6/10/2010, The Toshiba Estia product was NOT listed on the Microgenerattion Certification Scheme (MCS) Approved list on the Gemserv website ( ) . This means that under current rules, owners will not be able to claim any MCS financial incentives on that Toshiba product.

Rotex Gas Hybrid Heat Pump Boiler Systems

Rotex / Daikin Gas Hybrid Heat Pump Boiler systems coming soon...

Special Application Residential Heat Pumps - Reduced Rate of VAT

Currently in The UK, many heat pumps are available at a reduced rate of VAT. The reduced rate of 5% applies to RESIDENTIAL heat pump equipment supplied & INSTALLED by us.

To qualify as residential, the installation can be in a :-

A Private, Residential House or Flat
A Caravan or Park Home used as a private residence
A Houseboat with no means of independent propulsion
A Narrowboat or Barge etc used as a residence & on which council tax is paid

Call us for more examples of where the reduced rate of VAT may be levied on residential heat pumps - 08450 944607

Online Catalogue |  Air Source Heat Pump Boilers & Water Heaters

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