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IMPORTANT. If you require Warranty Support for Airforce Climate Control Products - Please dial 0845 609 6688 or Return your item to any B & Q Store.

To Purchase Airforce Spare parts, Maintenance Services, Repair Services or Installation Accessories for SPLIT SYSTEM AIR CONDITIONERS ONLY , please feel free to contact us here at Aircon Warehouse Limited on:- 08450 944 607
We regret that we can currently only offer repairs in the North West UK for Airforce Air Conditioners.

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Airforce Climate Control

A few facts about B & Q airforce air conditioning broadly welcomes B & Q's entry to the split system air conditioning market with their Airforce Climate Control brand.

  The "self install" air conditioning unit  that the B & Q / airforce system offers is an excellent concept, as it offers the accomplished DIY'er a route to "Proper" air conditioning at a much reduced cost.

However, the systems are reported as having some quite significant drawbacks:- 
B & Q Airforce Climate Control

1. THE MOST IMPORTANT CAVEAT IS THAT B & Q don't appear to offer any on-site warranty support for the systems - Faulty units need to be  be returned for either a refund or replacement. This is fine for mobile units but a poses a real problem for owners of  installed split systems - especially if you have paid somebody to install the system for you!! This basically means you now have to pay somebody to take it out again, and, if the unit is sold out, you will have to make do with a refund and a wall full of holes!

B & Q Airforce Climate Control

2. The Airforce systems aren't Eurovent Certified. This means that the manufacturer's performance claims haven't been tested by the European independent certification body - Eurovent - to verify that the units will actually provide the performance claimed on the box. Ultimately, the Airforce units are (and probably always will be) BUDGET air conditioning systems! - They will struggle to match the performance of the established Japanese manufacturers - Check out the Government's Energy Technology List ( of tested and approved low energy usage heat pumps - The Airforce Climate Control system isn't on it because it's Coefficient of Performance is extremely poor by modern standards.
B & Q Airforce Climate Control

3. All the premium brand air conditioning manufacturers and most of the "second division" guys have moved to inverter drive compressors to push their system's energy levels efficiency levels far beyond the "A" energy label criteria. The airforce climate control system remains a Fixed Speed Compressor system with consequently higher energy consumption and lower efficiency.

B & Q Airforce Climate Control

4. The DIY versions of the airforce unit have a fixed length interconnecting pipe set. The length of this tubing cannot be changed by a DIY'er and a qualified air conditioning or refrigeration engineer would find the task both tiresome & time consuming. In short, you're stuck with the 4 metre pipekit and must "make the unit fit the project" rather than select the air conditioner that best suits the application.
The airforce systems also have a maximum height difference allowance between the indoor & outdoor units of just one metre - this further restricts their suitability in many cases.
B & Q Airforce Climate Control

5. It has been reported that the pipekit for the DIY Airforce Climate Control system cannot be "Plugged In" when the outdoor unit is mounted on the B & Q supplied wall bracket - This situation will probably change when B & Q get their manufacturer to change the bracket or connector design.
B & Q Airforce Climate Control are in the unique position of being able to offer virtually ANY leading brand air conditioner in DIY form and with a custom pipekit made & fitted by us to a length to suit your project. This system gives you the option to choose the right air conditioner for the job and with an self-sealing pipe kit pre fitted to the length you specify.
B & Q Airforce Climate Control

Please contact us for more info.
B & Q Airforce Climate Control can offer you professional quality air conditioners & heat pumps from the following LEADING manufacturers in DIY form. We do this with our superb Fully-Flexible hose system which features self-sealing end connectors for fast, trouble free refrigerant pipework connection.

      Hitachi | Mitsubishi | Samsung | Toshiba | Daikin | Fujitsu | LG | Panasonic
Sanyo | Toshiba | Vaillant

Remember, nobody else offers this service.

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Airforce Climate Control